Tait Introduces:

TP3000 Series - Analog/DMR UHF Portable Radios

Unication Introduces:

G4 & G5: P25 Phase 1 & 2 Trunking

G3: Dual Band VHF-UHF P25 Pager - Demos Arrived

G2: Single Band VHF or UHF P25 Pager - Demos Arrived

Harris Introduces:

XL-185M - P25 Single Band 7/800 MHz Mobile Radio

Network Nationwide Radio Access

Cellular POC and WiFi Radios

NYS OGS Contract Updates:

PMC Contract PT67059 has been renewed until 08/26/19

Eastern Contract PT67040 has been renewed until 08/26/19

Icom Contract PT67152 has been renewed until 08/26/19

Castner Communications Motocross Sponsorship

Tyler Tiffany takes First in Class at Broome

Unication announced DMR is now available on G4 & G5 Pagers, new software coming and price increases effective April 1st, New G2 P25 VHF and UHF along with G3 VHF/UHF Dual Band to arrive mid 2019... Icom introduces new P25 Mobile and Portable Series ... Harris introduces a new single band XL-185 Mobile and Portable ... NetCastPTT provides Nationwide Radio coverage through the ATT Network ...